Replace the word ‘migrant’ with ‘fellow human’ with a single click

The word ‘migrant’ is overly used by the media, but now you can wipe the word off the web using a single click.

How to use the bookmarklet:

  1. Drag this link -> Fellow humans! <- onto your browser’s bookmark toolbar
  2. Find a page with content on the current ‘migrant crisis
  3. Click the bookmarklet and enjoy humanised content

The bookmarklet was inspired by @jjkilpatrick‘s Google Chrome extension:

I wanted to spread the love further by bringing the solution to more browsers.

How the bookmarklet works:

The bookmarklet injects a self executing javascript function into the page and uses the tree walking method and regular expression to find and replace the text live in the page. The source code is available on gitHub.

Below are some before and after screen shots showing the bookmarklet in action…

Google search results (before)


Google search results (after)


Wikipedia’s ‘European migrant crisis’
(before) fm-wikipedia-before

Wikipedia’s ‘European migrant crisis’


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