A Maker’s Alphabet: An A to Z for coding, hacking and getting sh*t done

Only slightly inspired by Google’s rebrand this a-z guide has been put together to help Makers get to MVP quicker and focus on coding, hacking and the other geeky goodness.

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  • A – A place to start (learning resources to get you making)
  • B – Bitbucket (private repos while you get your house in order)
  • C – Communication is king (humanising technology)
  • D – Don’t be shy (getting social and crowd sourcing help)
  • E – Email is evil (why email isn’t your friend)
  • F – Failure is the new success
  • G – Get sh*t done (Bossing it like Zuckerberg, Bezos and Jobs)
  • H – Hack it together (Hack like no one’s watching)
  • I – Iterate (learn LEAN and make more)
  • J – jQuery (the dirty word?)
  • K – Kimono (Make an API in 10 minutes)
  • L – Little Bits (Lego for hardware beginners)
  • M – Measuring success (KPIs for your MVP)
  • N – No better time to start hacking hardware
  • O – OMG… Change!!! (learn to love and manage change)
  • P – Proximity (closer is better – working in cross functional teams)
  • Q – Quit your day job (drinks by the pool)
  • R – RAD (Rapid Application Development – Parse, Pusher, PubNub)
  • S – Stop thinking and make (getting lean & the importance of user testing)
  • T – Task management (to Jira or not to Jira)
  • U – Ultimately I’ll need to think of something (finding a problem to solve)
  • V – Visibility (regular builds and writing stuff down)
  • W – WebGl (pixi particles and bunnymark)
  • X – XML is dead (long live JSON)
  • Y – You’re thinking of running a hack day (what you need to know)
  • Z – Zzzz (get some rest and step away from the screen -John Steel)

NB: This guide isn’t related to the Maker’s Alphabet book – which looks very good too!

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Hello! My name is Des Holmes and I'm a Creative Technical Director & Creative Technologist. I pride myself in hiring and inspiring talented technical teams, forging successful client relationships and humanising technology whilst using open source technologies to deliver large global platforms, small campaigns, rapid prototypes and mobile web applications.

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