Get into some creative coding in January with my p5.js boilerplate


Genuary is a perfect excuse to get into some creative coding during the dark and cold month of January. provides a list of daily prompts to theme your generative art for that day

…you don’t have to follow the prompt exactly, but you should try 😊

Over the 744 hours of January you’ll have the perfect excuse to geek out and get creative. You can use any language, framework or medium.

Once you’ve created your artwork share it with the tags: #genuary and #genuary2023.

To get inspired and warmed have a look at the prompts from Jan 2022.

Where do I start?

I’ve put together a friendly boilerplate to help you get up and running with p5.js; a JavaScript library for creative coding.

p5.js boilerplate

You can see a hosted version here.

For each day of Genuary:

  1. Download a zip of the boilerplate repo
  2. Push it into a new GitHub repo; named after the
  3. Once happy, publish your artwork to GitHub pages
  4. Share it with the tags: #genuary and #genuary2023

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