The npm package that started text quest

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text-terminal and test quest were born in October 2020. The family had outgrown the kano, and the world was in the clutches of the COVID-19 pandemic. A few text-based games had sparked some excitement in the kids, including: A Dark Room & Kano’s Terminal Quest. So, rather than playing I suggested we have a go at making our own :nerd:.

We needed a simple text-based command prompt as the main interface, but we struggled to find anything suitable. After considering CLI options I decided JavaScript would be the best choice, this can be distributed via a browser or a hybrid mobile application (if the project ever got that far!).

After hacking away for a few hours I thought separating out text-terminal would be a good idea, just in-case anyone else might also find the package useful.

Shortly after releasing text-terminal test quest was release with its debut game 😴 The Sleepy Traveller (v1.2).

If you’re interesting in contributing head over to the text-terminal GitHub project.

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