The open source, JavaScript game engine for running text-based adventure games


text quest is an open source game engine for running text-based adventure games; using a low/no code approach to game design.

A list of available games can be found on the text quest home page. You can also read more about the games in detail in the games section (be careful - spoilers alert!).


Text quest was create to:

  1. Inspire creative story writing (without images, CGI or video)
  2. Create a low/no code solution for building games (using YAML)
  3. Bootstrap something as quickly as possible to test the above (and not get bogged down with tooling, libraries and frameworks)
  4. Provide a little escapism during these unusual times

Game Design

Games are defined using YAML. A sample game can be seen below, it contains the game, player, powers and single block (See: concepts for more detail):

  name: Single Room Example Game
  version: 1.0
  description: Use commands to in a single room
  author: <a href="">Des Holmes</a>
  intro: '"Where am I?!?, maybe I should <b>look</b> around."</p>'

  name: "Des"
  block: entrance

    description: "help: Lists your powers and any hints."
    description: "look: Use `look` for a description of your surroundings."
    description: "powers: List the powers you have unlocked."

    state: default
        name: "Single room"
        description: "You're in a single room game, nothing much to see in here."


Here’s an overview of the core concepts within a games:

  • Blocks: A block represents a single location within the game. A block can have:
    • exits: Connections to other blocks
    • states: Variations for a block state (containing exits, actions, items)
    • items: Items which are ‘visible’ from within a block state
    • actions: Actions which can be performed by the player within a block state, and actions which can be triggered automatically based on what a player is carrying
  • Game: The name, version and author for the game
  • Player: The name, current block location, powers and items they are carrying
  • Powers: Descriptions for powers a player can unlock (not listed here, as they are part of the game)
  • Items: Descriptions for items which the player can carry, or can be found in a block

Technical Details

This project currently uses:

  1. JavaScript as the core programming language for the game engine
  2. Parcel web application bundler
  3. text-terminal for the terminal interface
  4. YAML to store the game configuration
  5. ascii generator for the logo
  6. github-fork-ribbon-css


If you’re interesting in contributing head over to the text quest GitHub project.

Future Roadmap

The follow features are currently being considered for future development.

  1. Introduce characters as a concept (and associated powers)
  2. Cross over with voice activation project (coming soon)
  3. Upload/point to yaml URL (incl. Game yaml validator)
  4. Create a supporting website with docs and links to games
  5. Online game editor (visual, or text based)

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